•  Winter Freeze (藍色)

Winter Freeze

Item nr. 712322-02303



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Snow, ice and the biting cold won't stop active kids from living life to the full in the new, warm ECCO WINTER FREEZE. For durability and grip, as well as a distinctive, winter-ready look, the boot has a robust, full rubber outsole, with the single piece of rubber extending up the lower upper like a galosh. Growing feet will stay cosy and dry with the HYDROMAX® water-repellent technology, a full wool lining and a felt-covered insole for extra insulation. With its mix of rubber, felt and rich, oiled nubuck leather from ECCO's own tanneries, the boot has a premium aesthetic. Reflective detailing adds to the style, while helping kids to stay visible after dark. The speedlace system allows for quick, easy adjustments for optimal fit and comfort.

  • Grip on snow and ice with a hardwearing full rubber outsole
  • Premium aesthetic with a mix of rubber, rich, oiled nubuck leather from ECCO's own tanneries and a felt shaft
  • Kids stay visible after dark with the reflective detailing, which also contributes to the stylish look
  • Growing feet stay cosy and dry all winter with HYDROMAX® water-repellent technology and a full wool lining
  • Extra insulation and comfort with a felt-covered, removable foam insole
  • Quick and easy adjustments for optimal fit and comfort with the speedlace system



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    ECCO 自家的皮廠使用特別的洗水過程,此過程能有效阻止皮革變硬,令它柔軟透氣之餘仍然堅固耐用。 為了使皮革仍然保留原有的外貌和功能,最理想的做法是用護理產品護理皮革。