Biom K2

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Sporty, premium style is combined with warmth, comfort and grip in the new ECCO BIOM K2 boot. Crafted from a mix of suedes and textiles, and with padding for comfort and support, the winter boot has BIOM® technology which encourages growing feet to move naturally. Flex zones add flexibility and feet will stay cosy thanks to the GORE-TEX warm lining and a high collar that keeps the snow out. Along with a rugged tread pattern for good grip, the rubber outsole has a unique look as it is 10 per cent made of recycled rubber granules that vary in colour.

  • Style, comfort and durability with rich suedes and premium, hardwearing textiles, with the padded collar enhancing comfort and support while helping to keep the snow out
  • Natural movement and stability with BIOM® technology, with its low-to-the-ground construction, along with an anatomical, secure and comfortable fit
  • Growing feet can move more freely thanks to the extra room at the forefoot, while the flex zones in the midsole add flexibility
  • Feet stay cosy with the GORE-TEX warm lining, which offers waterproof protection, along with the removable insulating insole
  • Easy on and off, and adjustable fit and comfort, with the double quick fastener
  • Good grip from the hardwearing rubber outsole, which has a rugged tread pattern, is created using ECCO FLUIDFORM™ Direct Comfort Technology, and has a unique look as it is 10 per cent made of recycled rubber granules which vary in colour



BIOM® 自然律動 ®

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    高度透氣,100% 防水的薄膜層疊密縫在我們的皮革和高性能的用料上。為雙腳營造乾爽舒適的環境。

  • BIOM® 自然律動 ®
    BIOM® 自然律動 ®

    BIOM® 自然律動 ®

    無需適應期,BIOM 鞋履舒適的秘訣來自三種主要特徵: 鞋床結構能適應腳板的弧度和細微變化。 像第二層肌膚, 以ECCO 自家皮廠製成的優質柔軟牛皮而成。 輕巧靈活,像赤足走路一樣自然。